Our energy intelligence suite reduces equipment & energy consumption, increases efficiency, reduces downtime and even cuts your plant’s operating costs.

The CCubed [Carbon Control Centre] suite optimises large energy users for best operating conditions, adjusts running speed and shift patterns when required and alerts when machines are consuming more energy than needed. The results is dramatic energy reduction, longer equipment life, reduced downtime and also increased product output .The system is remotely managed and monitored 24/7 to ensure maximum savings.

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The CCubed package includes


Refrigeration Energy Optimisation

Change set points, manage compressor sequencing, lower maintenance costs and prolong equipment lifespan with one of the most advanced apps for managing industrial and commercial refrigeration applications.




Boiler Optimisation & Heat Recovery

Manage one of the most energy inefficient industrial systems with this steam processing app, which correlates load base, feed water and flue gas to provide real time boiler sequencing and optimisation.




Compressed Air Management

Correlate your air usage to production output, automatic zoning whilst improving sequencing to always use the most efficient compressors for your factory. This app alerts you when your air compressor is consuming surplus energy.




HVAC Optimisation

Truly optimise your building’s performance and save thousands on energy with the app that enables you to monitor over 180 different aspects of your HVAC system. It takes the hassle out of AirCon.