19/02/2016 – The Secret Life of Utilities – and how to make the most out of them

Deep in the recesses of your factory lies equipment that in general no one thinks about that much. It’s normally a little dusty, rusted and may emit certain noises that are affectionately known only by the experienced maintenance guy, who knows the building like the back of his hand. These utilities: Boilers, chillers, pumps, air compressors- are a buildings heart. They are the engine room of any plant and a factory cannot work without them. Despite the critical role of this equipment, factory managers tend to underinvest time and again – and like with any heart, when things go wrong it’s crucial.

Old, badly maintained equipment use more energy and cost more to service, leading to slower, more inefficient loading and sub- optimum output. For a while, as a business expands it may not notice these increased costs, unable to pinpoint the exact cause, but as soon as production grinds to a halt due to a broken boiler, or the HVAC system is unable to heat an office in the depths of winter – the problem becomes apparent.

….And we get it – businesses are under constant pressure from downward trends and capital is tight. Most successful businesses spend their time making sure that they can produce products that are cutting edge, great quality and at the right price. Very few start off thinking about boiler efficiency, refrigeration energy optimisation, the benefits of heat pumps or how carbon emissions can be reduced.

But Crowley Carbon do. And what’s more we understand this equipment; like the nerdy engineers we are – we get excited about utilities! And more and more we find ourselves giving away this equipment to our clients in the hopes that they will feel the same.

Yes indeed, we give away free equipment all the time so that our customers will love them as much as we do… but what kind of hippy business model is that you may ask? The model is simple. We replace the old, badly maintained equipment with a new energy efficiency plant – and pay for the equipment with the energy savings and reduced operating costs that come from the more efficient machines! Not only are the savings guaranteed but in most cases we are able to increase the operating profits of the business – all with the aim of spreading our utility fetish throughout the world (and saving you a heck of a lot of money).

Don’t believe us – give us a call or send us an email we’d be glad to help (and promise to keep our boiler ramblings to a minimum!)

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