16/02/2015 – ESOS: Energy saving opportunity scheme or big pain in the ass?

gun_esosHere at Crowley Carbon we’ve been wracking our brains to come up with a new name for ESOS – the government’s new mandatory energy assessment and energy saving identification scheme for large businesses across the UK. After a quick brainstorming session we settled on the aptly named “massive administrative pain in the ass!”- well there’s no point in beating about the bush!

The fact is this, having some chap nay ‘Lead Energy Assessor’ in a hi- vis, swanning around your premises waving about a clipboard and complaining about the heating being turned up 2 degrees too high does not a comfortable scenario make, so let’s skip ahead to the burning question…..which is of course, how the hell do I get out of this one?!

As a business, Crowley Carbon know what an administrative headache looks like when we see it. And like you, we suffer from the common aversion to increases in red tape that come from the powers that be. With this in mind we have come up with 4 clever ways to cut this new stack of paperwork down to size.

1 – Pick your battles

The good news is, if your business employs less than 250 employees or has an annual turnover of less than €50m and a balance sheet of under €43m then you do not qualify. So hurray for you! Furthermore, your organisation may not need to undertake the Assessment if you are already fully covered by ISO 50001…. but enough about the lucky few, what about everyone else?

2 – Get someone else to do it

Always an attractive option! If, in the last 18 months we carried out a free Opportunity Assessment for you, then it’s time to dig it out of storage and put it to work. This report contains about 50% of the information you need to complete your ESOS requirement. Better still, those of you clever enough to have purchased our Investment Grade Audit, already have 85% of your ESOS requirement in the bag. Why not just let us finish your ESOS homework by simply emailing us at: info@Crowleycarbon.com

3 – Get someone else to do it – for free…!

OK so what if there is no such thing as a free lunch? Lunch doesn’t need to be free when you’re saving tens of thousands on your energy bills each year! Heck, at that rate you can spend money on dinner and breakfast too! Those clever people in white coats at Crowley Carbon (see picture) have been beavering away on an amazing piece of software- what we affectionately call C3, which actively controls your wayward energy munching machines on a continuous basis. The ‘catch?’ A multiyear subscription to C Cubed, which guarantees that you save twice as much in energy as it costs each year. We’ll even throw in some poor junior interns to do all your paperwork for you!

4 – ‘Show us the money’

Having spent three days in a glamorous 2 star hotel just outside London to realize the dream of being ESOS “Lead Assessors”, the team at Crowley Carbon are just dying to show you their new skills! To get them in their strapping hi-vis and safety shoes- clipboard, an optional extra- you have to put your money where your mouth is and write us a cheque.

*5 – The rough and tough way

….But far be it for us not to offer you the alternative, after all you might be the type who likes pouring over crumpled electricity bills and frantically scouring the Carbon Trust website to figure out how many tonnes of Carbon are in a megawatt. You might not even have an interest in the weekend rugby or soccer or care much about your social life. But let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger and paperwork is a sure fire way to send the blood pressure soaring.

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